welcome back Grizzlies!

Next Week’s Schedule 8/26-8/30:

Mon: B Block

Tues: A Block

Wed: B Block

Thurs: A Block

Fri: B Block

This Week’s Schedule 8/19-8/23:

Mon: A Block

Tues: B Block

Wed: A Block

Thurs: B Block

Fri: A Block


Monday: Bacon Cheeseburger W/Fries Combo - $5.00

Tuesday: Nacho Supreme - $5.00

Wednesday: Chicken Wrap/Jumbo Dog - $3.00/$3.00

Thursday: Orange Chicken Bowl - $5.00

Friday: Chicken Wings with Curly Fries – $5.00


Plan Ahead:     

8/26 Sr. Parent Night | 8/27 School Preview Day | 8/27-29 Book Fair | 8/29 Picture Day | 8/29 Back to School Night | 9/16 Fall Fundraiser Kick-off

NEW LIBRARY HOURS: The Library is now open from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. daily. Students can use the Library during breaks, lunch, and before/after school.

No Gum on Campus:  Please be reminded that gum is not allowed on campus.  Do not chew gum, before, during or after school. Demerits will be issued.

Cellphone Reminder: JH-HS cellphones must be put away before you go through the redgate/office doors. JH Students, cellphones & airpods must be off and in your locker. HS students your cell phone & airpods must be off and in your backpack. Saturday Schools will be assigned for cellphone violations.  

AbsencesIf you are absent all day or any part of the day you must come to the School Office before school begins to get a Re-admit. You will need a parent note stating why you were absent.

Tardies:  1st period tardies will be issued in the office.  If you are tardy to 1st period you must first go to the School Office to receive your tardy before going to class. In-between class tardies will be issued by your teacher.

JH/HS Picture Day 8/29: 7th Grade students must be in full uniform. If you do not have a uniform top on this day, you must take your picture on the Make-up Day, no exceptions. 8th grade students may have a free dress day on this day; however, you must be within the CCCS Dress Standard.

Clear Hallways: Students, make sure that you keep your backpacks/athletic bags out of the hallways.  Having them there creates a fire hazard.  If you leave your backpack/athletic bags in the hallway there is a possibility that it will be confiscated by security.

Heart to Heart (H2H) Convalescent Club is a co-ed club meeting 2x a month on Tuesdays at lunch. If you are a part of Girls 4 God or Chosen Generation, you can still belong to the Heart2Heart Ministry. H2H interest meeting will be announced soon. All Junior High are welcome to attend.

JH students, when you have the chance to be in free dress at school, we want to clarify our dress standard in regard to shirts and monogramed caps, any band shirts (other than Christian Bands) will not be allowed on campus. Our policy states:  “Clothing with slogans, characters and emblems that display behavior or attitudes which do not represent our Lord’s standard for us must not be worn.”

2019 CCCS Back to School Night (BTSN) is an annual event that provides an opportunity for community and connection with our parents as we partner in their child’s Christian education. It is an evening to join together in prayer and kick off of a new school year. Please join us for this special evening.  This is a PARENT ONLY night.  We do not encourage students to attend.

  • Junior High / High School – begins at 6:10pm in the Main Sanctuary (JH/HS Schedules will be available starting at 5:45pm in Foyer)

We are looking forward to seeing you!


For detailed schedules, maps and results of all games, go to the school website and click on the respective sport, under the Junior High or the High School Athletics tab! ****



This Week’s JH Game Schedule: