welcome back Grizzlies!

This Week’s Schedule 11/4-11/8:

Mon: A Block

Tues: B Block

Wed: A Block

Thurs: B Block

Fri: A Block

Next Week’s Schedule 11/11-11/15:

Mon: VETERANS’ DAY - No School

Tues: B Block

Wed: A Block

Thurs: B Block

Fri: A Block


Monday: Buffalo Bites W/ Celery Combo - $5.00

Tuesday: 4 Taquitos Spanish Rice & Beans Combo - $5.00

Wednesday: Chicken Wrap/Buffalo Wings - $3.00/$5.00        

Thursday: Chili Cheese Dog W/Fries Combo - $5.00

Friday: Meat Combo Pizza W/Italian Salad - $5.00      


Plan Ahead:     

11/11 Veteran’s Day – No School! | 11/21 Fall Piano Recital | 11/22 Thanksgiving Celebrations | 11/22 JH Fall Event

VETERAN’S DAY CELEBRATION: On Fri., 11/8. JH/HS Students are encouraged to wear patriotic colors – red, white and blue, this includes outerwear. JH must be in uniform if you choose not to wear the correct colors. This is a day to honor our Veterans. You will be on a slightly revised bell schedule on this A block.

JH Girls 4 God: Friday is meet your mentor lunch.  Please get out 5 minutes early, get your lunch and make your way to the Prayer Room.  Also, Friday after school will be devotions with the Rooted Girls.  Come and enjoy these times of refreshment from the Lord.

JH S.T.E.A.M.: "Learn to Code on Swift Playground!" Join us Thursdays in November & December at lunch in room 109.

JH Fall Event – Golf ‘n’ Stuff on 11/22 for $25 and includes, pizza, rides, tokens and golf! Sign-ups begin 11/4 with Mrs. Campos. If you sign up on or before 11/12 you will earn 2 free-dress coupons to use for Thurs. /Fri. Nov. 21st-22nd 

JH Students: You can wear your theme shirts as well as your club shirts with jeans on Fridays. Be sure to follow free dress policy, no tears or frays and jeans must be appropriate size.

For those students that would like to be a part of yearbook, the High School and Jr. High School Yearbook Club will be meeting on Wednesdays at Lunch in the Yearbook Room #207. If you can SEE yourself helping out with the 2020 Vision Yearbook, we would like your help in FOCUSING our efforts for the success of the Yearbook.

Students do NOT shake the vending machines; if you are caught you will serve a detention.


For detailed schedules, maps and results of all games, go to the school website and click on the respective sport, under the Junior High or the High School Athletics tab! ****



This Week’s JH Game Schedule:

Mon., 11/4 JH 3:30pm JH Girls Volleyball AWAY @ Trinity

Wed., 11/6 3:30pm JH Flag Football AWAY Round 1 Playoffs @ Santa Fe (Lake Center Athletic Park)